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Saturday, August 23, 2008

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Used Ford Fiesta - This Year's Motor Show King?

This week I took a trip to London to check out the British International Motor Show. Clearly environmentalists had shaped the agenda as the show was littered with eco-friendly cars that looked exactly like chest freezers. In fact the show was so badly ridden with chest freezers I honestly thought I'd taken a wrong turn into an electrical superstore convention. However amongst the carnage there were a few diamonds in the rough. Ford put on a show with scantily clad dancers to ensure the new Fiesta and Focus RS will flood the market with used Ford Fiestas and Focus STs as people clamour for the new models.

Alfa Romeo unveiled their new MiTo, a super mini that supposedly looks like their 8C super car. It was a decent looking car, but would only fool someone it was the 8C after more pints of lager than medical science would allow. Vauxhall showed off their Insignia, which will be the replacement for the irretrievably ugly Vectra. Nice looking it was too, but at prices to make your wallet squirm, a used Ford Mondeo is a far better bet.

It wasn't all negative though. Honda showed off their replacement for the S2000 convertible with an as-yet-unnamed drop top and Lotus premiered the Evora - their first new car in 13 years. The Nissan GT caused roughly 50 heart attacks once the realisation that it looks even better in the flesh hit home, and Hyundai surprised everyone with the Genesis which is only due to go on sale in the UK if the public wants it. Judging by the broken jaw count as they hit the floor, I'd hazard it'll be with us in late 2009.

It's hard to ignore though the sheer amount of eco-friendly cars that were on show and thankfully not all were chest freezers. For a kick off, the Lightning GT is a bone fide British super car that hits 200mph+ and 0-60 in 3.3 seconds. Did I mention it's electric? The word 'hybrid' was used more than even 'the' or 'a' and it seemed every manufacturer had a concept on the subject. The days of the Toyota Prius ruling the hybrid roost will thankfully soon be over, with Ford, Honda and Lexus the key players to watch.

As I stared at a Mazda test driver drifting effortlessly around their specially built race track in a modified RX8 and heard the cheers of the crowd, I heard something that struck a chord with everyone at the show that day "it's nice to dream, but all I want an affordable car that looks nice". As I re-watched the female dancers on the Ford stage (for journalistic purposes I must add), I realised a great bargain is going to arrive in early 2009.

With the arrival of the new Ford Fiesta next year, inevitably there will be a mad rush to snap up the very good looking newcomer, leaving unwanted used Ford's in showrooms up and down the country. The plan then is very simple: the current Ford Fiesta is a very good looking car, expanding further on Ford's 'new edge' design blueprint. It's available in a multitude of specifications and colours, is very reliable and reasonable to run. Yes it isn't an electric car or even a hybrid, but it's economical and cheap to insure nevertheless.

As with anything second-hand, there are a few key things to keep an eye out for. A used Ford Fiesta shouldn't throw up many nasty surprises but bear in mind the following:

Steering: the front wheels have a tendency to lose their alignment which will cause vibrations through the steering wheel so check for this and the resultant uneven tyre wear.

Engine: occasionally the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) can cause hesitation or misfires from the engine. This is a software issue and something that can quickly be resolved at your local dealer.

Bodywork: the usual problem on any used car - stone chips along the front edge of the bonnet are the big thing, as the paintwork can be quite easily damaged by debris. Rust however is a thing of the past.

Windscreen: ensure there isn't excessive wind noise from the Fiesta's windscreen as some owners have reported their rubber trim coming loose.

So there you have it. Having been to the motor show, dissected the latest, most hyped and stylish cars from around the world, I can conclude that your wallet and the environment will thank you for choosing a car that's been around in its current guise for six years.

Edd Bath has visited the British Motor Show this week and come away with the conclusion that a used Ford is the safest bet for now if you are thinking of changing your car.

Article Source:

Do You Make This Mistake in Your Own Driving - And Do People Think You're an Amateur?

"Professional drivers do everything super fast inside a car." This is probably the number one myth that keeps most people from driving like a pro. Most people think that to be a great driver, you have to shift fast, turn fast, and react fast.

Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Any driver who knows what he's talking about will tell you that it's the guy who moves the slowest inside a car, who is the better driver.

A driver who moves slowly inside a car is a driver who is thinking ahead. He is looking well ahead and planning what he is going to do, well before he does it. Because of this, he is smooth and he is confident. He's pro-actionary, not re-actionary to whatever comes up.

The only thing that you have to have a little "fast" is reactions. Sometimes if you are driving right at the edge, you will have to catch a slide before it gets too far. But even this fast reaction has to be done slowly. Or maybe a better word is it has to be done smoothly. That fast reaction has to have a little finesse to it, or you risk having the reaction be too much, and you'll spin out anyway.

One of the things you need to do if you are driving anywhere near that "edge zone" is to approach that limit of traction carefully. A good driver can catch just about any slide as long as it's just over the edge - not wayyyyy over it. Remember that. If it's way over the limit, nobody is going to be able to catch it in time, and they will spin off any pavement they're on...

There are a ton of myths and outdated ideas like this one that keep us driving slow and not as confident as we could. Keep listening as I will unfold many more....

On with the fun...

Be fast, be safe, be precise.

Mark Aisbett, Your Extreme Driving Coach reveals more about his stunt performances, driving on film, television and car commercials at his website. There you can delve into the secrets of stuntdriving, take his FREE Extreme Drivers Test to find out how good a driver you really are, and join the new Driving Elite at:

Mark Aisbett - EzineArticles Expert Author

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Sarana Pintar Membangun Aset Di Internet

24 JAM ASET BEKERJA UNTUK ANDA (to get Ur MONEY as ASSET) Sebuah Program Investasi Cerdas dengan Sistem Terunik & Sangat Inovatif untuk ANDA Para Investor yang akan menjadikan uang Anda sebagai ASET yang memberikan Penghasilan Tak Terbatas Selamanya Lewat INTERNET dirancang sebagai Sarana Pintar untuk Anda membangun ASET yang akan merubah ANDA menjadi seorang yang memiliki kebebasan finansial selamanya...

ANDA akan memiliki ASET yang memberikan penghasilan secara terus menerus tanpa henti yang membanjiri rekening Bank Anda selama 24 jam secara otomatis. Semua proses terus berlangsung bahkan disaat Anda sedang berlibur atau tidur sekalipun...

Anda Ingin Bebas Finansial...?

Ingin Uang Mengalir Terus ke Rekening Anda...?

Anda Ingin Memiliki Penghasilan Tanpa Batas...?

Ingin membahagiakan keluarga yang Anda cintai...?

Ingin Merubah Hidup Anda Saat ini Juga..? merupakan Sarana TERMUDAH dan TERCEPAT untuk membangun ASET dan Menghasilkan UANG di INTERNET dengan System yang cerdas, powerfull, serta sangat mengedepankan Win-Win Solution.

Raihlah Kesempatan ini Sekarang Juga... Dapatkan Penghasilan Tak Terbatas. Hasilnya bisa Anda nikmati untuk selamanya... Tidak peduli APAPUN latar belakang Anda, baik pendidikan, kekayaan ataupun pekerjaan Anda saat ini... ANDA Pasti Bisa membangun ASET Anda dan menghasilkan uang melimpah dari Bisnis ini.

Selamat Anda sudah berada di Media dan Sarana yang tepat untuk merubah kehidupan Anda. Anda akan mampu membangun ASET yang luar biasa yang memberikan passive income terus menerus untuk Anda.

STOP PRESS ! Buang jauh-jauh pikiran-pikiran negatif dan bersiap-siaplah untuk menjadi Orang yang memiliki kebebasan Finansial Selamanya...

Disini sistem akan bekerja 24 jam non stop untuk Anda dalam membangun Aset yang memberikan penghasilan aktif dan pasif untuk Anda terus-menerus, selamanya.

Dengan dukungan sistem kreatifitas dan ide Anda akan bernilai sangat tinggi dalam membangun aset Anda, sekaligus sistem secara unik juga memberikan kemudahan kepada semua member untuk bisa segera menikmati keuntungan baik pasif maupun aktif. Ini dimungkinkan berkat sistem yang sangat mengedepankan win-win solution.

Gabung sekarang juga..!! Silahkan mencoba sebagai FREE Invest (GRATIS), rasakan kenyamanan dan kemudahan sistem kami dalam membangun aset. ASET ANDA.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nintendo World Store

Nintendo World, located in New York City at Rockefeller Center, is Nintendo's flagship specialty store. It sells all sorts of Nintendo video games and merchandise, including apparel, hardware, and accessories that are exclusive to the store. The store features the Nintendo DS Lite Circle and Multiplayer Wall, which use wireless technology to link up fellow gamers. Every first Sunday of the month there is a competition for a top selling game. Registration begins about two weeks before the actual date.

The New York City Nintendo World store is also notable for housing a prototype of the Nintendo Advanced Video System, an early design of the Nintendo Entertainment System, as well as several canceled accessories and an original Game Boy that survived the first Gulf War as part of a historical exhibit of Nintendo hardware.

The Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Center, in New York City, New York, USA

A Game Boy that works despite being damaged in the Gulf War which is displayed in the store.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Please Save Google AdSense!

Please Save Google AdSense!

Entah kapan tepatnya, tapi beberapa bulan lalu saya mendapat telepon dari seseorang yang mengaku tinggal di Yogyakarta. Ia, yang ternyata seorang publisher AdSense, dengan sedikit panik, menanyakan bagaimana cara mencairkan cek dari Google AdSense yang baru saja ia terima dan apakah menggunakan jasa-jasa pencairan instan tersebut aman atau tidak. Setelah sedikit bercakap, ternyata kepanikannya tersebut dikarenakan minggu depan adiknya harus membayar kuliah dan satu-satunya harapan solusi ada pada selembar cek dari Citibank New York. Syukurlah, beberapa hari kemudian rekan tersebut memberi kabar bahwa cek telah cair dengan selamat dan pendidikan adiknya pun ikut terselamatkan.

Ada satu kisah lagi.

Minggu lalu, rekan lain jauh-jauh berkunjung dari Malang. Ia baru saja keluar dari pekerjaannya dan mulai menekuni bisnis internet, termasuk AdSense. Yang menarik adalah, pekerjaan lamanya menuntutnya untuk sedikit banyak masuk ke dalam dunia “gelap”. Pertentangan batin antara moral dan kebutuhan hidup akhirnya terpecahkan setelah ia mengenal bisnis internet. Ya, seperti disebutkan di atas, rekan Ngalam ini kemudian berhenti dari pekerjaan lamanya dan memilih untuk berbisnis internet. “Cari duit dari bisnis yang jauh dari maksiat“, begitu kira-kira alasannya.

Dua cerita tersebut jelas bukan cerita langka. Banyak guliran kisah lain yang berhubungan dengan AdSense dan bisnis internet.

Dari yang sekedar menambah uang saku, membiayai pernikahan, membayar hutang orang tua, hingga membiayai pengobatan dirinya (bukan orang Indonesia sih, tapi merupakan contoh yang paling tepat untut kasus tersebut) atau saudaranya.

Sungguh naif sekali jika ada yang mengatakan bahwa mencari uang dari AdSense adalah pekerjaan orang-orang berduit dan hanya bertujuan untuk memperkaya diri (sengaja tidak saya link karena malas kasih backlink ke orang yang berpendapat seperti itu).

Tapi yang lebih bangsat keterlaluan lagi adalah orang-orang yang dengan sengaja mematikan bisnis internet di Indonesia.

Apabila Anda menganggap metode double reissue sudah cukup jahat, saya yakin Anda akan kaget jika mendengar ada yang dengan sengaja memalsukan cek AdSense (beserta KTPnya) dan mencoba mencairkannya ke salah satu jasa pencairan cek instan!

Mungkin bangsa kita memang jagonya dalah urusan bunuh-membunuh dan khianat-mengkhinati antar sesama. Lha wong gak boleh pinjam handuk saja sahabat karib bisa dibacok, apalagi yang menyangkut masalah duit…

Di luar kesengajaan itu, jumlah pemain AdSense di Indonesia yang di-banned pun semakin banyak. Saya yakin yang menimpa rekan Isnaini beberapa waktu lalu tidak dapat dilupakan dengan mudah oleh semua publisher AdSense.

Terus terang saya setuju dengan pendapat mas Jabier yang menyatakan bahwa banyak publisher AdSense baru yang “salah jalan” dan menganggap bahwa AdSense adalah bisnis main-main. Bisnis instan yang katanya hanya beberapa jam situs web online kita sudah bisa dapat $$$.

Pemicunya? Sekali lagi saya sependapat dengan tudingan kepada penyelenggara seminar dan kursus AdSense serta bisnis internet yang mulai menjamur. Tidak semuanya tentunya, tapi mereka-mereka yang hanya mementingkan gendutnya dompet mereka sendiri dengan menjanjikan instanitas perolehan dolar dari AdSense. Ujung-ujungnya, yang awam pun mengira bahwa click exchange dan click fraud adalah hal yang sudah sewajarnya dilakukan.

Apalagi seminar diimbuhi dengan jargon-jargon hebat ; “Menjaring ribuan dollar dari Adsense !”, “Cara Kaya liwat Google”, “Cara Mudah Berburu Dollar “, “Cara Klik Google Paling Aman”, dll, dll.

Saya sendiri pernah “menyamar” dan mengikuti salah satu kursus AdSense yang diselenggarakan online. Materi-materi awalnya memang standard dan tampak valid. Namun buntutnya, pelajaran tentang cara melakukan pertukaran klik yang baik dan benar.

Mungkin hampir tidak ada yang tahu bahwa saya menyelenggarakan kursus AdSense berbayar, yang jujur saja, peminatnya sangat sedikit. Kenapa? Dari awal saya selalu mengatakan tidak dapat memberikan klaim masalah penghasilan karena bisnis internet itu sendiri tidak semudah membalikkan telapak tangan (untuk saya sekali pun). Selain itu, hampir semua yang berminat untuk mengikuti kursus selalu saya minta untuk terlebih dahulu belajar secara otodidak di blog ini dengan harapan tidak melewatkan artikel ini. Dan sepertinya sukses, yang membaca artikel tersebut semakin banyak dan peserta kursus semakin sedikit, hehehe.

Untuk seminar? Wah, pendapat saya masih sama dengan sebelumnya. Kebanyakan seminar tetap saja menjual janji dan menunjukkan sisi surganya tanpa mengenalkan sudut lain dari yang disebut sebagai “prospek keberhasilan. Bukan omong kosong karena saya pun terkadang hadir di seminar-seminar tersebut (apalagi kalau gratis, hehehe).

Kembali ke masalah banned dan click fraud, untuk kesekian kalinya saya mendengar rumor masalah rencana Google untuk melakukan massive sweeping bagi publisher AdSense Indonesia. Informasinya belum jelas, walaupun begitu tetap saja membuat makan tak lahap dan tidur tak nyenyak, hehehe. Namun apabila kejadian itu benar-benar terjadi, saya mungkin akan bersikap egois dan berharap bahwa setidaknya account saya aman dari sweeping.

Oke. Saya bohong. Saya juga berharap teman-teman publisher AdSense semua lolos dari razia tersebut. Khususnya semua yang selama ini sudah bersikap fair play terhadap aturan-aturan Google AdSense.

Oleh karena itu mungkin sudah saatnya bagi kita untuk bersikap pro-aktif dalam melindungi dan menjaga kelangsungan bisnis Google AdSense di Indonesia. Hindari melakukan kecurangan dan ingatkan jika ada orang lain yang melakukannya. Jika tidak mempan, laporkan saja kepada pihak Google AdSense. Takut karena ada kemungkinan account Anda diisengi? Tidak perlu karena toh jika sweeping benar-benar terjadi, belum tentu account Anda (dan saya) akan lolos. Jika masih takut, baca artikel ini untuk P3K click fraud.

Mari kita selamatkan Google AdSense dari kehancurannya di Indonesia.

Please Save Google AdSense!

Artikel ini ditulis oleh Cosa Aranda dan pertama kali dipublikasikan pada tanggal 28 August 2007. Artikel ini disponsori oleh LowonganPekerjaan.Net, situs penyedia informasi lowongan kerja terbaru. Artikel bebas untuk didistribusikan ulang untuk keperluan non-komersil selama mencantumkan nama penulis dan sumber artikel serta tidak merubah isi.

Monday, August 4, 2008

How to Save on Gas - Using a Water Hybrid Conversions

How to Save on Gas - Using a Water Hybrid Conversions

How to Save on Gas - Using a Water Hybrid Conversions
By Steven Boudreau

Today with the way that gas prices have been rising it has a lot of people asking how to save money on gas. There's an old forgotten technology that has started to regain some exposure over the last year or so. Have you heard of water hybrid conversions? With these conversions you can convert the car that you already own to save on gas and increase fuel mileage by using a water hybrid kit. You could also make your own kit from a set of well detailed plans available online for purchase. You may be asking yourself, how does a car run on water?

The car isn't actually running on the water, it's a gas that the kit will create for you. Browns Gas or HHO is produced when the water is stimulated with an electrical current gathered from the car's battery. By harnessing the power of the Browns Gas you are able to slash your fuel consumption drastically. Hey any bit that you can lower your fuel consumption will help your save on gas. When the instructions for the kit are followed correctly to a T any risks of producing such gas is very minimal. Since you are only producing the gas on demand, there isn't any extra gas laying around, the only gas produced is being introduced to your engine's combustion chamber to ignite.

For around $100 you should be able to pick up all the components that you'd need for the conversion. What's also really great is with the fully detailed instructions even a person with a little bit of mechanical knowledge should be able to install the kit on a nice sunny day. If your not that mechanically inclined or just simply don't have the time to install it yourself, I'm sure that you can find a mechanic that would install it for you. The kits don't actually require a lot of materials, it basically electrical wiring, a sealed container, vacuum hose and well we can't forget the water. Not much stuff there, it's not like we getting you to tear down your motor and put it back together. The wiring is simply used to gather the electrical current from your car's battery that will convert the water into Brown's Gas, which is then pumped into your cars intake manifold.

Save money on gas is a thought that all of have while doing our monthly budgets, by creating a water hybrid conversion your will save yourself money on gas, plus it will also help the environment. To help the environment and your wallet click here

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Honda Stream 2.0

Honda Stream 2.0
Type : A/T
Price : Rp. -
Description :

Pengalaman berkendara yang luar biasa, handling yang mulus dan mesin yang responsif. Stabilitas yang mengagumkan meski dipacu pada kecepatan tinggi. Pergi kemanapun, penampilannya yang menawan membuat semua orang berpaling kepada Anda.

New Honda Stream. Driving Smart!

Honda CR-V 2.4

Honda CR-V 2.4
Type : A/T
Price : Rp. -
Description :

Saat Anda tampil berbeda dengan sentuhan yang elengan. Penampilan daya tarik yang dinamis dan berkelas yang Anda harapkan dari sebuah SUV premium. Paduan sempurna antara performa mesin tinggi, stabilitas, dan kenyamanan layaknya sebuah sedan.

All New Honda CR-V. Stands Out Among The Crowd

Honda Civic 2.0

Honda Civic 2.0
Type : A/T
Price : Rp. -
Description :

Saat pertama kali memandang All New Civic, Anda akan langsung merasakan adrenalin Anda meningkat. Satu lagi persembahan Honda dalam menghadirkan teknologi terdepan dan inovasi tanpa henti. Jelajahi pengalaman baru berkendara dengan All New Civic yang dapat menghadirkan sensasi berbeda saat mengendarainya. Lihat, rasakan, dan temukan jawabannya dalam All New Civic.

Honda Civic 1.8

Type : A/T & M/T
Price : Rp. -
Description :

Tampilan yang stylish sekaligus desain yang sporty. Mesin pintar 1.8 liter i-VTEC hasil inovasi terbaru Honda memberikan performa yang tangguh sekaligus tetap efisien bahan bakar dan ramah lingkungan. Ingin yang lebih? Dengan All New Civic, Anda akan selalu berkendara dengan penuh akselerasi.

All New Honda Civic. Adrenaline Raiser.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Off-Road abilities

Jeeps have always been known for their abilities off-road, and their popularity endures[4]. Today, the Wrangler is the only light-duty vehicle offered in North America with solid axles front and rear. These axles are known for their durability due to their overall strength and lack of rubber boots to get torn on twigs and rocks. Solid-axled vehicles also generally articulate better, especially when traversing ruts. Even the two wheel drive models are equipped with "solid" axles in the front.

Another plus of solid axle vehicles is they tend to be easier and cheaper to "lift." This "lifting" increases the distance between the center of the axle hub and chassis of the vehicle. By increasing this distance, larger tires can be installed, which will increase the ground clearance of the Jeep, allowing it to traverse even larger and more difficult obstacles. Jeep is also known as a symbol of freedom because of the capacity of going almost everywhere. Many people equip theirs with roll-bars, extra lights, and maybe a winch to pull the vehicle out from the mud or sand when stuck.

Useful features of the smaller Jeeps are their short wheelbases, narrow frames, and great approach, breakover, and departure angles, allowing them to fit places where full - sized trucks could never go.

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